A nonprofit’s ability to navigate its future is dependent upon the strength of its Board of Directors, staff leadership, and strategic framework. The capacity to build strong boards, successfully transition leadership, and develop internal talent are essential.  Aligning Board and staff development with the organizations evolving business needs creates an agile organization and promotes long term sustainability.  Clarity Transitions can help you assess and strengthen your Board of Directors, prepare for and navigate a successful CEO transition, and create a pipeline of staff talent for tomorrow and beyond. 

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Building Strong Boards 
Board Evaluations
An effective board keeps its organization’s mission on track.  Is your board effective? How do you know?  Clarity Transitions can help you with a neutral and professional board evaluation that’s tailored to your organization – because “effective” means different things for different organizations. We use our objectivity and experience to analyze results, implications and opportunities and to make specific recommendations for board development.

Board Development
Board members, even experienced ones, don’t necessarily arrive at a nonprofit with full knowledge and understanding of their roles and responsibilities, or how they can support the organization’s mission.  Clarity Transitions can provide Board education and support in good governance and Board succession planning.  We can help you build, develop, engage, coach, and retain strong volunteer leadership.

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Building staff leadership
Building Bench Strength
For long-term sustainability, nonprofits need to build capacity at every level of the organization.  We can assess leadership teams and their direct reports and then make recommendations on how to promote leadership skill development in your organization.  Our team can address how to structure employee professional growth, how to create opportunities for advancement, and how to identify resources to promote diversity, equity and inclusion.

Employee Coaching
Leaders benefit from mentors or coaches with whom they can honestly confide without repercussions.  As coaches, we can encourage staff to be forthcoming about their concerns and challenges, leading to concrete recommendations to improve relationships and performance.

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​Planning for Executive Succession & Supporting Transition
Succession Planning

Succession planning is not identifying an organization’s next CEO – it is making decisions and setting policies that make the inevitable leadership change less disruptive to mission delivery. We can guide Board and staff leadership through the policy and planning process to protect your organization’s mission whenever a transition occurs whether planned or unplanned. We can also guide you in the creation of a short-term plan to identify temporary interim leadership in case of an emergency transition.

Leadership Transition Support
Clarity Transitions can assist Board and staff during a change in organizational leadership, by identifying an Interim CEO, supporting the transition and/or search, and helping with onboarding or coaching the new CEO.