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Organization sustainability 

Clarity Transitions

Assessing Sustainability
Sometimes an objective look is needed to help an organization move forward.  It can be difficult for staff leadership to assess their organization as they run it, whether a new CEO charged with taking the organization to its next level or a long-term leader facing unprecedented challenges. 

An external assessment performed by seasoned nonprofit professionals can bring clarity and experience to highlight and prioritize actionable opportunities.

Clarity Transitions offers a range of supportive review services that help nonprofits gain a neutral and informed perspective on their current situation, identify and prioritize areas of risk, and gain a solid-footing for forward-looking planning to sustain and strengthen the organization.   

If your organization is in a situation where it would be appropriate, Clarity Transitions can also explore, research, and assess suitability for affiliation, partnership, or even a merger with another organization.

Optimizing Structure
Your people are your most significant asset and ensuring that you are using them to the greatest benefit is key to your organization’s success.  Clarity Transitions can review your organization’s structure, and specifically how you’re using your employee leaders, to promote organizational strength.   We can also review and make recommendations for staff succession planning so that your management functions will continue smoothly as staff turnover inevitably occurs.

Reinforcing Healthy Culture
Culture is the interrelationship between the values and behaviors that creates your unique organizational environment.  A positive culture allows for a nimble, responsive and productive organization, while a negative one can impede progress and lead to missed opportunities.  We can assess your organization’s culture and provide concrete recommendations to align values and behaviors.

With our team’s extensive nonprofit experience, we can either help you review your organization’s overall strength and sustainability or the individual components described above. . We are similarly available, if needed, to develop implementation plans.   

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