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Strategic Planning

Clarity Transitions

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Just as strategy needs to be flexible, the planning process isn’t “one size fits all.”  Clarity Transitions offers a range of planning services.   With dozens of strategic plans under our belt, we bring that well-thought-out process and structure, and adapt the process to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Clarity Transitions developed the strategic life cycle as the framework for strategic planning.  Depending on your needs, we can focus more heavily in any of the four areas, Context, Identify, Planning, or Realization.    Our strategic planning services are outlined here, but we can mix and match these services along with assessment to create the most effective blend for your organization.

Clients include:

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Stakeholder Input Using primary and secondary research, Clarity Transitions can give you a better understanding of the external context in which you work, from your stakeholders’ views of your organization’s work and performance to the competitive or regulatory environment. Learning from market research informs better strategic decisions.  Market research scope is always scaled to your specific needs and ranges from very simple to extensive.

Strategic Frameworks When you’re questioning your organization’s identity (who you serve and how you provide service) or are seeking a flexible tool to provide common direction, a strategic framework is ideal.  Strategic frameworks are less prescriptive and more flexible than traditional strategic plans, focusing on vision, mission, values, definitions, and high-level strategic priorities and goals.  Strategic frameworks leave the detailed tactics, and how they might change over time, to you.

Strategic Action Plans If you’re seeking a detailed, pragmatic “how to” plan, a strategic action plan may better suit your needs.  More detailed than a strategic framework, an action plan takes your high-level strategic priorities and goals and turns them into actionable and accountable tasks.

Planning Retreats If it’s not the right time for an in-depth planning effort, you may be able to accomplish directional agreement in a one-day planning format.  While outcomes are less detailed, high-level discussions with board and staff can be used to update plans or create short-term direction.