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Clarity Transitions brings experience and easy-to-use processes and tools to guide your team through the decisions that will prepare your organization for that eventual leadership transition.  

Leadership Team Succession & Building Bench Strength
With a concentration on mission and often relatively flat leadership structures, nonprofit organizations don’t always spend time to build their own capacity, especially across the leadership team.  

As you look at your organization’s leadership team, ask the following questions.

  • If the CEO were to leave, even for a short-time, are any of your next-tier managers capable of taking the reins? 
  • Can they effectively manage any area or program other than their own? 
  • If one of your top-level managers leaves, do you have an opportunity to shuffle your team and the organization’s skill set?
  • When outsiders look at your organization, do they see only the CEO or a cohesive team?

Board Succession
Board service can be either wonderfully fulfilling or … terrible… with many experiences being somewhere in the middle.  This volunteer role can be easy to get wrong with roles and responsibilities often inconsistently applied, a sometimes unclear balance between work that’s hands-on and hands-off, and a regular turn-over of people and personalities.

Clarity Transitions can help you develop a year-round nominating process that helps you identify a diverse group of people at the right time with the right skills and networks.   We can help you build clarity around your recruitment process so that there are no surprises for new nominees, continuing board members, or staff.

We’ll also help you look at board leadership and develop a pipeline and process to train for future board leadership roles. 

Ultimately, we believe nonprofit sustainability lies in good governance. You need good people and a good process to find those good people.

Succession Planning

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Clarity Transitions

​CEO or Executive Director Succession

CEOs, board members, and staff all worry that succession planning may be sending the wrong signal.  Instead succession planning should be seen as sound governance.  Like a personal last will and testament, organizations should have a succession plan even when they have no intention of using it anytime soon.

What is succession planning?

  • Succession planning formalizes decisions about how a leadership change will be handled when the time comes
  • Succession planning provides a road map for getting the new leader on board
  • Succession planning is tailored to meet each specific organization’s needs
  • Succession planning is not the appointment of the next leader
  • Succession planning does not mean that a transition is imminent


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