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Transition Support

CEO Transition Support
The day has finally come when the board needs to find a new CEO.  As you build the first to-do list, and it gets longer and longer, your biggest concern might be “what am I missing?”  Leadership transition is one of the board’s most difficult, time consuming, and important jobs.   If you’re feeling overwhelmed, unsure of next steps, or that you simply don’t have the time, Clarity Transitions can support you in several ways.

 Departure of a Founder or Iconic Leader
When a long-time CEO leaves, nonprofit organizations face unique challenges but also have some unique opportunities.   Long-time leaders know just how to make that old organization run.  Sometimes they are institutional knowledge and culture.   And outsiders sometimes confuse the organization with that long-time leader.  For the leader herself, leaving may be both a rewarding and confusing moment.

These transitions take extra care, thought, and time.  Clarity Transitions can help you identify and avoid some of the potential pitfalls.  We can also provide a calm, neutral, outside voice, one dedicated to the organization’s strength and sustainability yet aware of the people within.

Transition process & support
Transition support can be as simple as helping set up that to-do list, or we can provide advice or support through the entire process.  We have the experience and expertise to help kick-start a transition process, support a search, or help you identify if you should slow down to ask some critical questions before you hire.  If an interim director is right for your organization, we have vetted resources that we can refer to you.

 We also know where to step back and let your team do their work.   Transition support is always tailored to meet specific need – as much, or as little, as you need.

Emergency Transition

We all hope to never find ourselves in this situation, yet it sometimes happens.  If your organization is facing an unexpected, emergency transition for whatever reason, Clarity Transitions can help you quickly assess the situation, prioritize what needs to be done, and get your team started with some combination of short-term plans, transition support, and referrals to interim directors.

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