Developing Executive Succession Policy & Emergency Plans

Protect your organization's mission delivery.  This workshop covers decisions and preparations that can be made before a CEO transition.

Strategic Planning

This overview of strategic planning gives you a process to create your own strategic framework. 

Good Governance

This session addresses the combined and separate roles and responsibility of the board and executive.

Recruiting, Retaining & Engaging Board Members

Continuity of volunteer leadership is the focus of this session.

Workshops & Training

How does this fit your organization? Let's talk

Clarity Transitions

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Workshops and training can be a productive way to start consideration of strategic or leadership planning.  A board workshop can start an informed conversation about next steps, or training can help reinforce your supervisors' skills. 

Some of the workshops we provide on a regular basis are listed below, but we can also tailor a workshop to meet your specific requirement.

Feedback from Workshops 

Succession Planning, May 2019

  • Very easy to use toolkit and template!
  • I have the ability to go back to lots of materials.  Handouts are excellent!
  • It is difficult to know how or where to start [with succession planning].  This seminar provided a thought-provoking path forward. 

Health & Well Being of Your Organization, August 2018

  • Wish I had this info a year ago - I now have a list of "homework" I have given myself (which is good)
  • This was excellent!!
  • Easy to digest information, with impactful content  
  • Really excellent training!
  • Right mix of lecture and group participation. So much good, practical info. Thank you! One of the best trainings I have attended.
  • Excellent session! Thank you so much for sharing with us today! 

Strategic Planning, April 2018

  • Facilitators did a good job of engaging the audience.
  • Good basic overview of process.
  • Great explanation of the basics of strategic planning
  • I loved that it was presented in the way a strat. planning meeting can be held
  • Good takeaways
  • Thank you - Great team. Love different speakers

Succession & Sustainability Workshop, January 2018

  • Well-organized.  Generated good discussion among attendees in group.
  • Prompted more in-depth evaluations of our organization.    Evaluate loss of key employees, management staff, and how it would affect the organization.
  • Very helpful & beneficial for our nonprofit organization
  • Helped to clarify thoughts and next steps
  • Training was very helpful and insightful
  • All instructors were easy to converse and very knowledgeable
  • I am more confident in the sustainability of the organization