Leadership change at a nonprofit organization can be hard.  Board members hope it won’t happen during their terms.  Funders may become unsure of the organization’s future.  Staff can be stressed with uncertainty.  And, most importantly, services can be disrupted.   

Clarity Transitions is here to help your organization prepare and plan so that executive transition doesn’t need to be a dreaded event.  Our consulting services and tools will give your organization the power to make leadership transition much less disruptive and, through the process, make your organization stronger. We will keep your mission on track. 

Is your nonprofit ready for an executive transition? Take this easy assessment and find out!

The Clarity Transitions team is ready to assist you with all phases of succession planning in your organization, from initially developing the plan (from basic to best practice) to coaching a productive relationship between your new CEO and board chair.

Have you found yourself in an unexpected and sudden transition without a plan?  We can help you navigate through this challenging time both with short-term plans and referrals to interim directors.

During a transition, have you realized that your organization may have gotten off track somewhere?  We can help with your immediate transition concerns as well as working through strategic and organizational issues to put your mission back on track.

Not sure how this all applies to your organization?  Get in touch and let’s talk. 

Clarity Transitions can provide training and workshops complete with the appropriate tools to get your organizations prepared for succession.  We can also work with your board during retreats to facilitate any stage of succession planning. 



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