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Thought leadership: We pursue constant learning and improvement.

Customer Focus: We provide consistent, high-quality, individualized, and on-time delivery based on each customer’s unique situation.

Integrity:  We are transparent in our business practices and adhere to the highest ethical standards.

Hard work: We work diligently and leverage our collective experience, expertise, skills and talents to find the best solutions for each client.

Rewarding work: We enjoy creative, fun and positive collaboration while being able to help strengthen the nonprofit sector.

Our clients say...

"Clarity Transitions made our succession planning process a big success. They provided our task force with the tools, experience and sector expertise to help us look to the future and plan for the many decisions which must be made during a leadership transition. Having a plan in place is both smart governance and a donor expectation. Responsive, thoughtful and efficient, Clarity Transitions delivered an excellent final product at a very reasonable value."

Tina Wirth, Board Chair, JASMYN

"When our organization unexpectedly had a long-serving ED resign, Clarity Transitions was brought in to assist the Transition Committee and the departing ED prepare for her departure, provide input on the search for an Interim ED and for the permanent ED. In the first phase, having the departing ED complete a CEO Checklist was very useful.  Overall, one of the most useful tools was a detailed plan with milestone dates to get through the entire process to on-boarding of the new ED. We referred to, and edited, this document often. Clarity was also good about adjusting the scope of the engagement to allow us to minimize costs and do the work ourselves during the process."

Bob Hawkins, Chair of the Transition Committee,BEAM 

"Kiki was very gracious and very knowledgeable about strategic planning, board development, and creating an action plan. She expertly kept our group from getting bogged down on minutia without interrupting the flow of the conversation and we walked away with a clear understanding of where we are going and a road map on how to get there. We wouldn't hesitate to work with Kiki or Clarity Transitions again."

Rachel Shapiro, Chair of the Board,Florida Food Policy Council 

"Julia did an awesome job facilitating our internal discussion regarding expanding our client base. The pre-work that she did to make sure she understood the problem statement was a critical part of the success. During the meeting, she connected with the staff while allowing the meeting to flow in a natural fashion. In the end, she summarized the challenge, the options, and next steps. This meeting was a success because of Julia's facilitation!"

Linda Joseph, COO, Operation New Hope

"Worked flexibly with our Board President to achieve goals of the retreat. Very expanded and informative community survey of stakeholders (talked to almost 20 individuals!). Strong guidance on transition planning due to experience with other organizations. Our retreat day was productive and several Board members shared that it was valuable and informative to them."

Sue Nussbaum, Executive Director,We Care Jacksonville

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We are committed to:

Initially focused on executive transition, our work has expanded to provide a range of services that support organizational strength and sustainability. We recognize that each client is unique with specific circumstances and requirements.  At the same time, there are key components in every successful nonprofit that are time-tested and consistent.  Using our knowledge, expertise, and experience, we apply and adapt our work to meet each client’s need. 

Take a look at our pages for more information on Sustainability ReviewStrategic PlanningSuccession Planning for CEOs, Staff Leadership and Boards, and Transition Support.

In addition to consulting and providing support in these areas, Clarity Transitions is also available for training and workshops.